The Meditation Centre

meditation-centreThe Newcastle Meditation Centre, at 71b Westgate Road, is a safe, welcoming and ideologically neutral space, wholly dedicated to the learning and practice of mindfulness and meditation. We believe it is the first independent high street meditation of its kind in the UK.

At the Centre you can attend drop-in classes, courses and workshops, together with a range of other activities, including training for meditation session facilitators. Bespoke packages can also be arranged for groups and organisations. A useful information sheet can be downloaded here.

Today meditation and mindfulness are more popular than ever, but finding out how to learn or practice meditation can be difficult and confusing. There are so many different techniques and teachings available: it is hard sometimes to know where to start.

The best way to learn how to meditate is by attending a class or workshop, such as those provided by Just Meditation. There is no substitute for learning with an experienced practitioner, and a group of other people on the same path.

Using the Space

Groups and individuals are welcome to use the space for meditation and related activities, at reasonable rates for a prime city centre location. Our upstairs meditation room has space to seat 24 people comfortably. Please be aware that unfortunately there is no lift. For all enquiries, please email: admin@justmeditation.org

Opening Times

The Meditation Centre is currently only open for scheduled activities, though we hope to be able to extend the opening hours in due course.

Your Meditation Centre Needs You!

If you attend sessions regularly, or would like to support the work of the Centre, why not consider a regular donation by Standing Order?

For the price of a couple for cups of coffee per week you can help to ensure the Centre continues to be of benefit to so many people – including youself!

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