About Just Meditation

Just Meditation CIC is a social enterprise, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, that exists to promote and facilitate the learning and practice of mindfulness meditation, through the provision of drop-in classes, courses, workshops and training.

northumberland streetJust Meditation does not seek to promote any particular tradition or ideology, whether religious or secular, but simply facilitates the learning and practice of mindfulness meditation so that anyone and everyone can enjoy the benefits of it in their everyday lives.

Meditation can be of value to everybody, but all too often it is portrayed as something that is only for those who can afford to spend time in exotic or remote locations.

We believe that meditation belongs on the high street and in the local community. At the meditation centre, you can learn and practise mindfulness, meditation and related disciplines, through drop-in classes, courses and workshops. There are also opportunities for committed practitioners to undertake training to facilitate sessions as part of their own personal development.

It is our goal to make the benefits of mindfulness meditation accessible, affordable and available to all.


If you represent an organisation that would like to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into what you do, whether with your staff or your clients, then please get in touch and let’s see what we can do together.

Partnership projects may take many forms, and would be tailored to the needs of a particular group or organisation, but could include opportunities for staff or clients to use the centre, as well as bespoke workshops and courses, or training for people to facilitate meditation sessions within their organisation.

Who We Are

Just Meditation was founded by Nicholas Buxton and Ollie Batchelor in 2016 with the aim of extending the benefits of meditation to a much wider range of people by providing opportunities to learn and practise meditation that are accessible, affordable and available to all.

nicholasbuxtonNicholas Buxton, Director

Nicholas is currently the Vicar of the Parish of St John the Baptist, Newcastle upon Tyne, and the author of The Wilderness Within: Meditation and Modern Life (Canterbury Press, 2014), and Tantalus and the Pelican: Exploring Monastic Spirituality Today (Continuum, 2009). He has a PhD in Buddhist philosophy and is an experienced meditation teacher and retreat leader, having studied and practised extensively for many years within both Buddhist and Christian traditions.


Ollie-Batchelor-460x530Ollie Batchelor, Director

Ollie was until recently Executive Director of Client Services for Changing Lives, a national charity which provides specialist support services to vulnerable people and their families in order to help them make positive, lasting changes in their lives. He began work as a social worker in the late 1970’s, before training as a probation officer at the London School of Economics. He is a specialist on the subject of substance misuse and has worked throughout England and Scotland in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors.