What is Meditation

Meditation can take many forms, but in essence it is a simple technique that almost anyone can use in order to improve their general wellbeing.

It has proven value in the relief of stress and related conditions, and it helps people to achieve a greater sense of calmness, clarity, balance and perspective in their lives.

By practising meditation we learn to take a step back from ourselves, in order to see things more clearly – as they really are, rather than as we think they should be. We learn how to live life with greater skill and integrity. Meditation is about self-awareness, wholeness and healing. And it belongs firmly at the heart of everyday life.

Today meditation and mindfulness are more popular than ever, but finding out how to learn or practice meditation can be difficult and confusing. There are so many different techniques and teachings available: it is hard sometimes to know where to start.

The best way to learn how to meditate is by attending a class or workshop, such as those provided by Just Meditation. There is no substitute for learning with an experienced practitioner, and a group of other people on the same path.

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